Youth and women, Breaking the silence convention

SAVE THE DATE:6-7th September 2019
10.00-16.00 CET

Location: Canada Toronto ​

Registration $250​


Pelletier Teenage mothers Foundation (PTMOF) IS organising youth and Women convention on the above stated date, in Canada Toronto.

In the convention we shall discuss on the following:

  • B.E.E. YOU
  • Building for the Future
  • Dance Another World
  • Defining My Values
  • Don’t Follow Trends, Be A Trendsetter
  • Dream Out Loud
  • Express Yourself: Finding Strength and Meaning through Writing and Art
  • Female Superheroes of Science
  • Growth Mindset: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • Healthy Living for Queens 
  • Her Frontline
  • How to be a REAL Success
  • How to Use Your Superpowers to Change the World
  • Human Trafficking Parenting Workshop
  • Identify & Create your Vision Plan
  • I’m Different… Yep I’m Different
  • Mind Your Mental
  • Mindful Mom Powerful Girl
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall
  • My Changing Body
  • My Community and My Voice!
  • On Target
  • Parent Breakout Session
  • Practice Mindful Spending: The Importance of Personal Responsibility
  • Reach your Inner Queen
  • Save That Money, Honey!
  • S.M.I.L.E (Self-Esteem, Motivation, Independence, Leadership and Excellence)
  • Star Power
  • STEAM Tour Around the World
  • Tear and Care Your Heart
  • Teen Dating
  • The Beauty in Our Flaws
  • The Four Girl Way
  • The Magic of You
  • Use Your Voice: Create Your Story
  • Using Lego’s To Explore Friendships
  • We Can Fly!
  • East African Dance
  • What’s YOUR Story?
  • What Role Does the Government Play in our Communities?
  • Yoga for Body + Mind
  • You ARE Enough!
  • Youth Awareness Workshop – Is it love or is it Trafficking?

Please friends it will be massive, lets join our hands to explore, learn, educate young girls and women for bright future, i will be there, lets meet, chat, brainstorm, and explore ideas together, lets know each other, lets build future friendship, therapists and counselor’s, people of all profession, your presence is of greater advantage.

How to register?


Convention invitation Letter ($250 USD: Non refundable)

A valid passport 6 months before expiry date

A valid bank statement

A job letter if employed

Trading license if you own a business

Certificate of incorporation if you own a business

Land titles or agreement (if there are in Luganda put translate cover letter in English)

Marriage/Introduction Certificate if you’re married

Birth certificate for children if you have children

Car log book if you own a car

Air ticket travel itinerary (don’t pay until you get visa this is just a booking)

Travel history (photo copy of all your travel history)

Hotel booking (do not pay the hotel until you get the visa just do the booking)

Student: get a school letter and sponsor letter.

If sponsored your sponser should provide all of the above documents.

Visa fee (check on Canadian website)

Canada accepts visa application within 45 days before your travel date, hence you to submit your application 45 days before travel dates.

You need to book an appointment to submit your application at the Canadian visa website provided below

Note: for visa application please visit citizenship and immigration Canada website: and get the legal visa requirements based on your home country; hence the Canadian embassy has a sole discretion of your Visa application.

The Ugandan Canada submission embassy address is at 10M (international organization migration)- Kampala plot 41-59 Mackenzie Vale, Kololo, and Kampala.

PTMOF does not issue Visas and we are not responsible if you are denied the visa, Canada has a sole rights to approve or deny you the visa. Registration fees are non REFUNDABLE!!!

For more information about the youth convention due September 6th – 7th please visit our website 0r contact direct to Director +16477131441

Lets connect on twitter or on facebook or on Linkedin facebook Fan page Or lets reach me via E mail or Director Email for more detail

Good Luck…………….

Meet Director (Middle) and her colleagues

Briefly about the host organisation.

Pelletier Teenage mother’s foundation (PTMOF)

Some pictures of young mothers at the center

Pelletier teenage mothers foundation (PTMOF) is a nonprofit organization legally registered both in Uganda and Canada with a vision to help young mothers and vulnerable youth through nurturing the positive mental health, physical and social development of traumatized young parents of through helping them to integrate back into their communities in health and research, education, counseling, economic development, food and nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene among teen mothers and youth. Over the last 10 years, Pelletier teenage mothers foundation has reached and served over 1000 teen mothers with their children between the ages of 14-24yrs in around suburbs of Nansana Wakiso district in Uganda


  • Is to nurture a healthy, mental, physical, spiritual, and social development, of pregnant teenagers, teenage mothers and their children.


  • Is to provide a safe place where pregnant teenagers, and teen mothers with their children, will feel accepted, supported, and empowered.
  • Provide education and services, which help in providing informed choices for the members. Services include birth control, parenting skills, self-defense, training, adoption, std tests and counseling.

Core values

Respect of human dignity– we affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of target communities, stakeholders, donors, partners and staff.

Integrity and reliability in all operations– we shall at all times maintain honesty and trustfulness or accuracy in our actions, routinely perform and maintain our functions. Commitment, we work together with stakeholders, partners and target groups to effectively serve the larger communities.

Social justice- we work for development of a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes the dignity of every human being.

Equity- we work to be fair in our operations and interventions for the benefit of humanity

Wholeness and inclusiveness- we work to serve without limitation and involve stakeholders and partners in our activities for ownership.

What they do

Hair plaiting mothers in class

They aim to offer these young mothers access to education and economic empowerment through training and skills building. They are counselled to help them make informed choices and to choose either to,

 Vocational training (where they learn Tailoring/ Sewing, Hairdressing/ Plaiting, Baking.) 

Entrepreneurship training (they are instructed on how to develop a business plan, start a business and save money)

  After successful entrepreneurship and vocational training the teenage mothers are able to setup small businesses including,

  • Hairdressing
  • Baking
  • Bead working
  • Tailoring
  • Shampoo making
  • Liquid soap making
  • Book making
  • Petroleum Jerry etc.

Other activities they do

Tailoring Teen others show their products to visitors

Voluntary HIV/AIDS Testing

 Sensitising mothers with HIV/AIDS for testing to prevent later problems and to acquire compressive HIV/AIDS care and support services offered by different organisations

Capacity Building. Pelletier teen mothers foundation empower teen mothers through training to assist them have access to financial resources so as to enhance their capacity, further it assist in resource mobilisation, by linking its members to other like minded agencies and service providers in Uganda and outside.

Vocational training and life skill training. Pelletier teen mother’s foundation train teen mothers in saloon hair dressing, cookery, tailoring, beads, beads making, candle making, necklace making, designing, tie and dye crafts and drama.

Counselling services and motivation. Pelletier teen mothers foundation, provide counselling to teen mothers to erase away stigma and other related health problems, like stress, depression, anxiety, and mental illnesses that affect their day to day life.

Children sponsorship. Pelletier teen mothers foundation support teen mothers children by providing for them basic education through sponsorship and support, these children were taken to good schools that can shape their bright future.  

Legal and family advocacy. In trying to fight for teen mothers rights, Pelletier teen mothers foundation, work hard to settle matters concerning, rape, negligence, abuse, through acquire legal procedure, further they seek equality in all aspects, like service delivery and needs of teen mothers.

Volunteering. Pelletier teen mothers foundation with help of volunteers from within and outside Uganda do carry out community work, help people in need, to give back to community.

  • Finding and raising of skills and talent.
  • Entrepreneurship and micro finance training
  • Community development, empower leaders to become teenage pregnancies prevention educators and advocates
  • Support for health, medical care and nutrition
  • Scaling up advocacy initiatives and respond to gender based problems.
  • Adolescent behaviors support and training
Some of young mothers at the center
Anita Fabiola NTV Tv anchor at Ptmof, with mothers
Business AND Economic empowerment lessons going on at PTMOF,
Young mothers in the class learning
These are some of mothers during counselling session
mothers at the center during counselling
young mothers receive lunch
Homeless young mother Zam Namatovu taking lunch
The happiness of young mother, at lunch hour
The happiness from our mothers, is observable, they found new hope
Lukonge Achilees Author (left) during event at Ptmof
The loving heart of Lukonge Achilees Author holding two children of young mothers at Ptmof
Director and mothers
Lukonge Achilees (left) with some of mothers at the center