My Travel Diary/ Journal

Travel has the potential to be widely fulfilling. It exposes you to new cultures, different perspective and unique experiences. The further you travel the more you are pushed out of your comfort zone and the more you learn about your self and the world around you.

Why write my travel diary?

Reflect more. Look back and reflect what you have learned and apply it to other parts of life.

Remember more. Like cultures, customs, people, observations from the surrounding.

How to write a travel diary/Journal

Plan your trip. Things you want to do like, cool restaurants you want to eat from, hike you want to go or different sights you want to see, write down whatever is on your trip check list

Write down what you imagine it will be like expected local food to be bad and it turned out to be delicious, you imagined the town to be small but you found out to be large, you thought you would be more comfortable with language and many others.

Write during your trip

It is easier to remember things when they are fresh in your brain

How did you feel during your visit to local market?

What did you smell taste and hear?

Did you learn something new from the person you spoke too?

Where you surprised by the clothes people were wearing?

What was the view from the top of the mountain, rivers, plains, vegetation and more. Then add pictures

Write about your trip after you leave

What was it like?

What did you learn?

What disappointed you?

Other journals important ideas

Ask yourself the following questions

Why are you going?

Write about your expectations

What are you going to do?

The sight you are going to see?

The food you want to taste?

Write about the people

Did you meet any new one?

Did you make any new friends?

Where the local welcoming?

Did you learn something new from the stranger?

What did you like most about the trip?

What did you like the least?

Write about yourself

Write a travel guide

What would you have changed the place you visited?

Where do you want to go next?

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Author: Lukonge Achilees

Lukonge Achilees is highly experienced social scientist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor/Therapist, Researcher, Travel expert as well as authors of several bestselling books on parenting, health, Novel books, and travel books. He is currently working with Pelletier teenage mothers foundation (PTMOF) helping over 800 vulnerable teenage mothers and youth. He was Trained and graduated from MRU 1 Royal university, Makerere University, and Ohio school of social science. He is coordinator of MRU University Socialist workers students society, He is Counselor, administrator, project coordinator, Field Officer and Secretary at Pelletier Teenage mothers foundation (PTMOF). He is C.E.O of a voluntary organization “Give a hand to the poor arch foundation” (GIHAPOAF) He has remarkable ability to create, discover, tell, treat and educate people of all groups

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