My Travel Diary/ Journal

Things to do every time you travel

Venture beyond the tourist spots. Safety is important but your curiosity should be satisfied so it would be a good idea to venture the places where other tourist dare not to.

Use public transport. If you want to get get the local feel of the city there is nothing better to do than use public transportation like buses, train etc

Buy your souvenirs from authentic local shops. Go to local markets and see the local goods being sold by the local traders. This is the best way to bring home genuine local moments that would remind you of your adventure.

Write down everything.

Have your meal at personal recommended restaurants, it is ideal to ask around

Exposure beyond your original destination. An excursion to a city or town outside your original itinerary is highly recommended

Learn the local language

Spend a day in a neighborhood

Enjoy the local night life

Get lost and have fun. Though it can be scary to be lost in a strange place it can also be fun and challenging. So try to leave the map for one afternoon and explore on your own

Give yourself a challenge. Try new things and get out of your comfort zone, your plans may be good but you will not have the best experiences unless you stray away from what you are used to. So eat , do and see new things and make the journey a truly adventurous one.

Author: Lukonge Achilees

Lukonge Achilees is highly experienced social scientist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor/Therapist, Researcher, Travel expert as well as authors of several bestselling books on parenting, health, Novel books, and travel books. He is currently working with Pelletier teenage mothers foundation (PTMOF) helping over 800 vulnerable teenage mothers and youth. He was Trained and graduated from MRU 1 Royal university, Makerere University, and Ohio school of social science. He is coordinator of MRU University Socialist workers students society, He is Counselor, administrator, project coordinator, Field Officer and Secretary at Pelletier Teenage mothers foundation (PTMOF). He is C.E.O of a voluntary organization “Give a hand to the poor arch foundation” (GIHAPOAF) He has remarkable ability to create, discover, tell, treat and educate people of all groups

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